Melissa Garner Cordeiro
Los Gatos, CA

October 18, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Kelly Sargeant and Pawsitive Personal Pet Care. I am a client of Pawsitive PPC and have used the services of Pawsitive PPC several times to my great satisfaction.

In fact, Pawsitive PPC has always gone above and beyond my greatest expectations of a pet sitter. I am the “guardian” of Smokey, an elderly female cat, and was very hesitant to leave her in the care of others. Kelly and Pawsitive PPC put me at ease right at the start with her detailed questions about Smokey’s care and preferences and about where I could be reached and who to contact in the case that I could not be reached. I was also very pleased to find that Kelly has a degree in biology and is very knowledgeable about animal health. I felt very comfortable knowing that if Smokey were to fall ill while I was away that Pawsitive PPC would quickly recognize her illness and seek the appropriate care.

I was so delighted to return and not only find Smokey mellow and well cared for, but the house and plants looked great and there was a detailed journal of the daily activities and well being of my friend! The fact that Pawsitive PPC would care for Smokey in her own home was the original motivation for using their services; yet afterward, I found that the additional benefits included plant care, mail pick up, alternating lights, and a detailed journal of the daily activities and well-being of my friend. Now, whenever I am away, I always use Pawsitive PPC.

Pawsitive PPC is a truly wonderful service, and I am happy to give it my wholehearted endorsement.


Melissa G Cordeiro
Scientist, MedImmune Inc.